Our commitment

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Our commitment to our community

We feel privileged to provide a central location where strays, lost pets found by good samaritans, injured wildlife will never be turned away.  We feel it is our duty to care for those animals who have no owners, and will provide a welcoming place where these animals can find care until the appropriate wildlife rehabilitation centres, shelters, or animal control officers can be contacted.  Through various initiative such as “Cassie’s Fund” and “Bailey’s Boredom Busters”, we hope to give back to the community by providing support to charities who provide important services to unwanted pets.

Our commitment to our clients

We respect and value the human-animal bond and take our role within it very seriously. With respect and compassion, we will endeavor to communicate effectively all the options available for your pet – to guide without coercion. We take to heart our oath to alleviate suffering and pain, and our ethical obligation to intervene only because we “should” and not because we “can”. Your pet’s quality of life is always at the forefront guiding our recommendations. Our commitment to you is to uphold the highest standards of patient care and to provide you with a client service experience which leaves you feeling like you made the right decision to come to us.

Our commitment to referring veterinarians

We understand the level of trust you are bestowing upon us to care for your patients. We recognise that when your patient is referred to us, we have in fact, become an extension of your practice. As such, you expect and trust that your clients will have the same exceptional customer service and patient care they have come to expect from you. We will endeavor to keep open the lines of communication, and provide timely referral letters and updates. We will provide a cost effective option for your clients to seek emergency and specialty veterinary services.

Our commitment to our patients

To our patients- we pledge to you that you will be treated as one of our own during your stay with us, to provide you with an environment with an air of tranquility and warmth, and to soothe your anxiety with kind words, and a gentle touch. We recognize that your wellbeing goes beyond physical health and will endeavor to fill any needs you may have…if it is for someone to sit with you and stroke your ears so you can sleep we will do it, if is to have your “person” visit to get you to eat, there are no set “visiting hours” to restrict them.

Our commitment to our staff

We want our practice to be an environment where ideas can flourish and open-minded collaboration of services will benefit all of our patients. We will marry compassion with excellence and dedication. We will be vigilant about never being complacent, and will always strive to learn.