Emergency Services

Open 24 Hours 905.953.1933
  • Our 24/7 emergency service means no last minute transfers to meet an “after hours” only type business model.  Transfer your patients when it suits you, your client and most importantly, your patient.
  • No more clients parked outside your clinic with their pet, IV bag and stress waiting for you when you arrive at 8am –
  • Jam packed day and emergency bloat walks in the door?  No problem.  We are here to receive all manner of emergency, 24/7.
  • Rest easy knowing your patients are in the capable hands of our board-certified small animal surgeons for any surgical procedures.
  • Blood products always on hand for feline and canine transfusion requirements (see “blood products“)
  • Antidotes for common toxicants always on hand

Other services

  • Going away and can’t find a locum?   Don’t sweat it!  We are here to support you and your clients in the event of any closure of your practice.
  • If you can, give us a heads up on any patient files who may predictably require our services in your absence

Referral Forms

Give us a call!  Our specialists are always available to answer any clinical questions you may have- we are happy to help!