Our Facility

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Rehab facility

The 404 is home to “Bailey’s Place” – a fully equipped hydrotherapy facility including:

  • 2 Ferno Underwater treadmills with expanded treadmill size to accommodate giant breeds
  • A 16′ x 8′ resistance pool with 15 resistance jets for dogs to swim against
  • A ceiling lift mounted on an X-Y track which allows for patients with poor mobility to be assisted in both the underwater treadmills and getting into and out of the pool
  • During warmer months, patients have easy access to the terrace where they can complete the therapeutic exercise portion of their rehab protocol under blue skies!   A fully fenced-in yard provides 404 Veterinarians an off-leash area appropriate for evaluating dogs at speed, especially important for canine athletes of many disciplines
Rehab outside

A fully fenced-in evaluation yard