VCA Canada's 404 is home to “Bailey’s Place” – a fully equipped hydrotherapy facility including:

  • 2 Ferno Underwater treadmills with expanded treadmill size to accommodate giant breeds
  • A 16′ x 8′ resistance pool with 15 resistance jets for dogs to swim against
  • A ceiling lift mounted on an X-Y track which allows for patients with poor mobility to be assisted in both the underwater treadmills and getting into and out of the pool
  • During warmer months, patients have easy access to the terrace where they can complete the therapeutic exercise portion of their rehab protocol under blue skies!   A fully fenced-in yard provides 404 Veterinarians an off-leash area appropriate for evaluating dogs at speed, especially important for canine athletes of many disciplines.
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Rehabilitation provides optimal patient outcomes following orthopaedic and neurosurgery, and is a key element in a number of non-surgical neurological conditions (eg. Fibrocartilagenous Emboli (FCEM), Coonhound Paralysis and Degenerative myelopathy).

Our rehabilitation specialist will work to diagnose and treat a variety of soft tissue complaints such as iliopsoas and biceps muscle strains, neurorehabilitation and orthopaedic conditions.

Rehabilitation also alleviates pain from chronic conditions such as arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia and helps to maintain healthy body weight, mobility and muscle mass (especially in senior pets).
Our mission is to support and enable healing and strengthening in our patients and empower their parents to become part of that process.

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