Dentistry & Oral Surgery

Dentistry and Oral Surgery Service - Beyond Extractions

Veterinary dentistry has moved well beyond only extraction of damaged or diseased teeth. Most interventions available in human dentistry can be applied to our four-legged friends also!

We can now offer beneficial tooth preserving treatment for damaged teeth such as root canal treatment with or without crown placement. This is a much less painful and less invasive option compared to extraction, especially for very large and strategic teeth like canines and carnassials that have been fractured.

Functional orthodontic treatment can prevent or correct painful, traumatic mis-alignments of teeth in puppies, kittens and young dogs or cats. There are also many options for helping adult animals if their malocclusion was not managed as they grew.

Periodontal treatment, dental extraction and maintenance therapy will remain a staple of our practice. It is often the least costly option and, in some cases, the only appropriate treatment. We are excited, however able to be able to offer periodontal regenerative therapy to help teeth reattach in select cases.

Jaw fracture is an unfortunate but common complication of fights with other animals, and automobile accidents. Maxillofacial fracture repair, salvage and reconstructive surgery are all reasonable options for many cases.

Our service also manages many types of oral tumors or non-cancerous growths. In certain situations, referral to an animal cancer specialist may be recommended but our dentistry service prides itself on taking a cosmetic and functional approach to management of moderate-sized and benign oral tumors in dogs and cats. We are also exploring functional surgical reconstruction for patients who have had mandibular tumor removal resulting in complications like mandibular drift.

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