Veterinary dermatologists recognize, diagnose and treat diseases of the skin of animals. Many veterinary skin diseases are similar to conditions in humans and training in comparative medicine is important. However, most veterinary skin disorders are unique and may occur in only one of the many types of animals a veterinarian cares for. These diseases range from skin cancer to allergies and treatment options vary tremendously. Skin disease can also present as a manifestation of an underlying internal disease process. Thus, in addition to dermatology, veterinary dermatologists are also trained in internal medicine, immunology and allergy.

Dr. Lowe provides complete intradermal (skin) allergy testing, which has been considered the “gold standard” in both human and veterinary medicine.  This skin testing provides a tailored allergic diagnosis to specifically tailor your pet’s allergy serum.

Dr. Lowe performs diagnostic video otoscopy because it is one of the most important tools to getting to the bottom of ear diseases. Disorders of the external ear are common in dogs and cats. The superior visualization increases the likelihood of identifying the underlying problem. As well, the ability to document the examination helps both you and your veterinarian understand the extent of your pet’s ear condition.

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