Telemedicine allows you to connect with your veterinarian from the comfort of your home. These virtual visits are great for general concerns about your pet, nutrition consults, or behaviour concerns. Our veterinarians are here to provide you with the guidance and answers you need to keep your pet happy and healthy. Your telemedicine appointment will be booked through our online portal, once the online form is completed, our coordinator will contact you will appointment availability.

Please note, that by their nature, telemedicine appointments are limited, and certain conditions may require a physical exam and/or additional testing to provide an accurate diagnosis or treatment. If an in-hospital visit is needed, we will be happy to schedule one for you. Please read below to find out more about telemedicine at VCA Canada. Please call us to see what services we offer.

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine appointments are an extension of your pet’s healthcare that goes beyond the hospital. By using telemedicine, telehealth, and teletriage options, along with the latest technology, we can provide the best combination of services for your pet’s unique situation.

How can I talk to a veterinarian?

In British Columbia, VCA Canada offers virtual telemedicine appointments, and live chat options through the myVCA app.

Do I have to be on video?

We do offer different solutions that fit your needs depending on your concern. Veterinarians may request that you video your pet during the consultation to assist in their assessment.

How do I access my telemedicine appointment?

We will send you an email inviting you to your telemedicine visit with instructions and the technology required to start the appointment. We always encourage clients to test out the technology first, to ensure it is functioning correctly. Technology is always evolving, and we will provide you with the most up to date information about our telemedicine options before your appointment.

What kind of appointments can I book using a virtual care telemedicine appointment?

Nearly any non-emergency condition appointment can be initiated using telemedicine to gather patient history, however, a physical exam and additional diagnostics (blood work or radiographs) may be required to determine a diagnosis and treatment plan. We are happy to facilitate this follow-up at your nearest VCA Canada hospital, and an in-person visit will be coordinated for you by our team. It is important to note that the use of a telemedicine appointment is at the sole discretion of the attending veterinarian and as such not all appointment types listed below may or may not be deemed suitable by all veterinarians in all circumstances.

What sort of appointments can I use telemedicine for?

  • Triage to determine if your concern is urgent or non-urgent
  • Management of chronic/ongoing conditions
  • Non-urgent medical conditions
  • Diarrhea (beginning in the last 2- 3 days)
  • Nutritional consults
  • Basic Husbandry
  • Coughing (Starting in the last 72 hours)
  • Limping
  • Skin Issues (Hives, itching, rashes etc.)
  • Sneezing
  • Follow-up/recheck appointments (post-surgical and post-treatment initiation)
  • Behavioural consultations
  • Prescription refills for current patients
  • Puppy/kitten information sessions

Appointments better suited for an in-hospital visit:

  • Any urgent or emergency condition
  • Uncontrolled bleeding
  • Ear Issues
  • Eye Issues
  • Anorexia
  • Chronic Diseases
  • Respiratory distress
  • Trauma or fractures
  • Impaired consciousness
  • Initial puppy/kitten exams

I am a new client, can I use a telemedicine appointment for my first appointment?

In the province of British Columbia you do not need to be an existing client to request an appointment with our telemedicine veterinarian. If you have any questions, please visit our website to request a telemedicine appointment or call a VCA Canada hospital nearest you.

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