What is a Board Certified Veterinary Dermatologist?

A board certified veterinary dermatologist is a licensed veterinarian who has successfully completed an additional 4-year post-graduate education in dermatology. Board Certified Dermatologists have expertise and specialized training in allergic skin diseases in animals and the diagnosis and treatment of benign or malignant disorders of the skin, hair, ears and nails.

Is your pet constantly licking, chewing, biting, scratching or shaking his or her head? Have you seen a change in your pet’s skin, coat colour or texture, or noticed hair loss, scabs or dandruff? Have you detected a foul odor that seems to originate from your pet’s skin or ears? If so, your pet may benefit from a consultation with a board certified veterinary dermatologist.

Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital’s specialist team currently includes a Board Certified Dermatologist that visits that hospital on a monthly basis. Check our hospital calendar for upcoming dates. For more information or to book a consultation with this specialist, contact the hospital at 250.475.2495.

Services Offered

  • Allergy Testing: dust & storage mites, dander, pollen, mould
  • Allergen Specific Immunotherapy (Allergy Vaccines or Oral Drops)
  • Diet Trial Recommendations
  • Parasite Control Recommendations
  • Skin Infection Management
  • Treatment of Auto-Immune Skin Disease
  • Diagnosis & Treatment of Hormonal Diseases
  • Claw Disorder Management
  • Biopsy & Mass Removal
  • Ear Infection Management
  • Referral for Advanced Imaging (CT Scan or MRI)

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