What to Expect

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Whether you are visiting us through our emergency department or seeing one of our specialists, we provide exceptional veterinary care.

Specialty Veterinary Medicine

If your pet has a more complicated health issue or injury, you will be referred to our board-certified specialists through your primary-care veterinarian. To prepare for your specialist consultation, please withhold food from your pet for a minimum of 6 hours prior to your appointment. Depending on your pet’s needs, we may be able to schedule tests or treatments for the same day as your consultation, which often requires fasting. Please do not withhold water from your pet.

Procedures such as ultrasound, CT scan, chemotherapy, echocardiograms, or endoscope could require more time. Be prepared to leave your pet with us for the day if any of these procedures are recommended.

Emergency Veterinary Medicine

Emergency patients are seen 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and do not require a referral. Like human emergency rooms, we treat patients on a ‘triage basis’. This means:

  • life-threatening or more urgent cases are treated first
  • minor or non-urgent procedures may experience a longer wait time
  • we cannot schedule appointments for our emergency cases