Helpful Websites

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General Information – articles and questions for pet owners, by vets – handouts and articles for petowners, by vets – general cat-related info for vets, breeders, and pet owners – common health/behavioural conditions in nearly all dog breeds – a perfect resource for something thinking of getting a dog! – AAHA website with info on keeping your pet healthy and happy – environmental and behavioural enrichment of indoor cats – Article about, and hours of operation of, the Pet Loss Support Hotline at OVC – export information for taking your pet to another country


Medical Information – common medical conditions explained in layman’s terms – FAQs about medical and behavioural conditions, toxins, injuries, etc. – a list of common human foods and whether they are toxic to dogs – a list of poison plants – subtle signs of illness in cats – translates a pet’s body weight into that of a comparable human’s weight to help owners make healthy lifestyle changes

Specific Medical Conditions

Addison’s Disease (Hypoadrenocorticism) – General info for dogs with Addison’s – blog about Addison’s disease

Cancer – information on neoplasia, treatment options, FAQs, types of cancers, end of life decisions, etc.

Dentistry – dental information for vets and pet owners

Diabetes Mellitus – huge and well organized site on feline diabetes – relaxed/informal but informative website on living with a cat with diabetes – list of commercial foods with low carbohydrates, suitable for feeding diabetic cats

Kidney (Renal) Disease – a great site with lots of info for owners including step-by-step illustrated guide to SQ fluids – need to collect urine samples from a cat? Hydrophobic sand keeps fluid on top the litter

Other – database of inherited genetic disorders in dog breeds

How-to and Videos – general information for pet owners including videos on stopping scratching behaviour, and how to brush teeth – training your cat to accept new cats, etc. (videos) – videos on cat training, visiting the vet, etc. – Step by step instructions on what to do if you find fleas