VCA Canada Animal Hospitals Announces Ban on Cosmetic Surgical Procedures in Pets.

Darren Johnson

February 08, 2021

VCA Canada, one of the country’s largest groups of animal hospitals has announced a company-wide ban on cosmetic surgical procedures in pets. This ban includes tail docking, ear cropping, devocalization surgery (also known as debarking) and the removal of articulated dewclaws.

“These procedures and their potential side effects are often painful for pets, and these procedures serve no medical purpose” says Dr. Danny Joffe, VCA Canada’s Vice President of Medical Operations. “As we consider them to be unnecessary, they will no longer be performed in any VCA Canada hospital.”

In 2018, VCA Canada became the first group of animal hospitals in the country to ban elective declawing in cats.

For further information, please contact Dr. Danny Joffe, Vice President, Medical Operations, VCA Canada at [email protected]

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