How do we get to VCA Canada Tri Lake Animal Hospital & Referral Centre?
We are located in Winfield – please visit Google maps for directions.

Can we come in to see one of the specialists?
We are a referral hospital so we do need a referral form from your family vet before we can make an appointment for you. If you have any questions on the referral process or the services we offer, please contact hospital team on 250-766-3236.

Can I complete any of the paperwork before we come for our appointment?
Yes you can – we have client and patient information forms on our website. Please note that there is a specific form for Dermatology patients. Many clients find these easier to complete at home as you have all your pet’s records easily available. You can bring the completed forms with you or email or fax them to our hospital coordinator on 250-766-3236.

Do I need to bring any information with me?
Yes, if they have been taken, please bring your pet’s radiographs (x-rays) with you. Sometimes these will have been taken digitally and your family vet can email them to us on [email protected] – just check with your vet as to whether this has been done. Other useful information can include bloodwork results, biopsy results and ultrasound reports.

Will my pet need to stay overnight?
This depends on the procedure. Almost all surgical patients remain in the hospital for at least one night after their procedure. This is to ensure that their pain relief and nursing needs are met, and that they are comfortable enough to be easily managed at home with oral medications. Examples of surgeries which need an overnight stay include TPLO, FCP, and fracture repair. Some surgeries such as spinal, abdominal or thoracic surgery may need more than one overnight stay. CT scans, ultrasounds and ECG’s do not usually require an overnight stay unless your pet is scheduled for further tests or an operation. For more information, contact our hospital team at 250-766-3236.

Who looks after my pet overnight?
24 hour care is provided 7 days a week. Overnight, a registered veterinary technologist (RVT) and nursing assistant ensure that all patients are stable, comfortable, clean, walked and get some love! The doctor will come in if there are concerns about your pet’s progress.

Who performs ultrasounds on my pet?
Ultrasound examinations are provided by Dr. Linda Kaplan, a general practitioner experienced in performing ultrasounds.

Can I visit my pet?
Absolutely!! Visitation is very beneficial to you, your pet and to us, as owners give useful feedback on how close to normal their pet is. We do discourage visitation the day of anesthesia and surgery, as this often leads to a hyper-excitable state in patients recovering from anesthesia; visitation is encouraged the day after surgery if your pet is not going home. If your pet is staying for more than one night you can spend time with him in our visiting room which has blankets and comfy sofas for you, your family and your pet. Please see our ‘While Your Pet is With Us’ page for more information.

Do I need to pay a deposit?
For MAJOR DIAGNOSTIC OR SURGICAL PROCEDURES we ask for a 75% deposit WHEN YOUR PET IS ADMITTED. For consultations and ultrasounds, no deposit is required.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express. We also accept debit, cash and bank drafts. We do not accept personal cheques.

Do you have an in-house payment plan?
We offer in house financing through Health Smart Financial Services. Approval is instant with renewable credit once approved you can access the credit for up to 1 year. Repayment options are available available over either 3, 6 or 12 months. See our payments/financing page for more information.

We also accept pet plans with flexible re-payment options are available from external providers i.e. Petcard and Medicard. We would recommend comparing the rates from these companies with those from the standard credit card companies.

Pet insurance
Please check whether your provider requires preapproval before major procedures.

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