Rehabilitation Therapy

Why Rehab?

The benefits of physical rehabilitation aren’t just for humans anymore. Physical rehabilitation can help in orthopedic disorders, neurological disorders, weight loss and to keep the canine athlete in top condition, even if the sport is just catching that frisbee 132 times in a row day after day. As we’ve known for decades in people, physical rehab can provide such benefits as:

  • faster and better recovery from surgery or injury
  • reduction in pain
  • increased and improved mobility, strength and function
  • improved quality of life
  • increased resistance to injury
  • improved weight loss
  • improved performance
  • conservative treatment options when surgery isn’t appropriate


Your pet will be assessed thoroughly by rehabilitation specialist, Dr. Tara Edwards. A full history, physical examination, gait and movement analysis are used to create an individualized rehabilitation program for your pet.


Aquatic Therapy using the under water treadmill
At a certain water level the underwater treadmill can be used to comfortably work patients who have had orthopedic surgeries, injuries, arthritis, neurological conditions or other conditions which may make weight bearing on a limb uncomfortable. At a different water level the underwater treadmill can be used to make the pet work harder to help him gain fitness and lose weight.

Therapeutic Exercise
Using various leg weights, wobble and rocker boards, physioballs, agility equipment, Cavaletti poles, balance pads, balance discs as well as activities and exercises which target certain muscle groups to strengthen, improve proprioception (joint position sense) and coordination.

LASER Therapy
LASER Therapy Class 3B or “cold” LASER can enhance wound healing, control pain, decrease inflammation, manage edema (swelling), assist in injury recovery and ease muscle spasm
NMES Therapy
Neuromuscular electrical stimulation to help maintain strength, restore muscle mass, help control swelling, decrease pain and increase circulation to an affected area.

TENS Therapy
Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation can help with acute pain (immediately after injury or surgery) and chronic pain (residual after the tissue has healed).

PEMF Therapy
Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can help enhance circulation and nutrient exchange which can speed up the healing process and reduce stiffness and soreness.

Manual Therapy
Including massage, stretching, soft tissue mobilization and joint mobilization.

Thermo Therapy
Hot packs/cold packs can help muscles relax, improve tissue mobility and help manage inflammation, swelling and pain.

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