Our specialist in small animal surgery, Dr. Christopher Jordan, provides a broad range of diagnostic and surgical procedures including orthopedic (i.e. TPLO), neurologic and soft tissue surgeries.

Dr. Jordan meets with all his patients to fully assess their condition and he will discuss their treatment plan and aftercare in detail with you. Pre and post operative pain management ensures your furry family member is as comfortable as possible during their stay with us and they will be monitored by a veterinary nurse not just during the procedure but through the night and there is always a doctor either in clinic or on call to our hospital team 24 hours a day.

When your pet is ready to go home you will meet with a veterinary nurse, who will go through their aftercare in detail with you and all information will be provided in writing as sometimes there is a lot to remember. Once they have gone home with you, then we will monitor their progress through regular rechecks and for our orthopedic and neurological surgery, we recommend a physiotherapy consult with our board-certified rehabilitation specialist, Dr. Tara Edwards, including hydrotherapy in the Okanagan’s only underwater treadmill and exercises you can do at home with them to ensure that they are back on all paws as soon as possible. We are available on the phone or via email during your pet’s recovery time and beyond if you have any questions about your pet’s care.

Estimates are provided before any surgery covering your pet’s treatment plan. However, unforeseen circumstances during surgery can change an estimate, as well as the necessary post-operative care. Your family vet will be kept up to date throughout and will receive copies of all reports, radiographs (if done) and test results so they have a complete record of your pet’s care at the hospital.

• Fracture and luxation stabilisation
• Routine, complex and chronic lameness investigation and management as indicated
• Management of cruciate ligament disease: lateral fabellotibial suture and tibial osteotomy procedures (Slocum tibial plateau levelling osteotomy [TPLO] and cranial closing wedge ostectomy [CCWO])
• Patella luxation correction
• Work-up of hip disease
• Arthrodeses
• Arthroscopy
• Angular limb deformity correction

Soft tissue
• Laparoscopy: gastropexy, biopsies, cystotomy, vasectomy, ovariectomy
• Oncologic surgery and reconstruction: skin, orofacial, thoracic, abdominal
• Portosystemic shunts
• Urogenital and ureteral surgery: cystotomy, pyometra, urolithiasis, episioplasty, perineal urethrostomy
• Perineal and abdominal herniorrhaphy
• Diaphragmatic rupture repair
• Wound management and reconstruction
• Surgical management of brachycephalic airway obstruction syndrome (BAOS)
• Surgical management of laryngeal paralysis
• Total ear canal ablation and ventral bulla osteotomies
• Pericardiectomy
• Endocrine: thyroidectomy, parathyroidectomy, adrenalectomy

• Neurological examination
• Management of intervertebral disc disease: hemilaminectomy, ventral slot, lumbosacral decompression, vertebral stabilisation
• Atlantoaxial luxation stabilisation
• Spinal fracture and luxation stabilisation
• Cerebrospinal fluid collection


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