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2019 CE Series

Cool Ophthalmology Toys and How to use Them
Dr. Jacqueline Pearce, DVM, MS, DACVO
Date: Tuesday March 12th
Time: 7:15 PM

This lecture will cover basic ophthalmology diagnostic tools including tonometers, nasolacrimal flushing equipment, diamond burr and ophthalmic surgical instrumentation. Emphasis will be on safe and appropriate usage by general practitioners. Some hands-on demonstration will be provided. Advanced tools used in the tertiary referral setting will also be briefly discussed.

Helpful Tips In Managing Wounds
Dr. Marco Cervi, BSc, DVM, DACVS
Date: Tuesday April 9th
Time: 7:15 PM

Join Dr. Marco Cervi for an evening of healing. You will learn:
• Anatomy of skin and Pathophysiology wound healing
• Options of How to treat open/dirty wound
• Step by step tie over bandage placement
• Irrigation solutions and techniques
• The proper use of drains
• Considerations of wound closure with infection
• Wound closures techniques - Primary healing vs delayed closures

Don’t Yell when your Patient is Yellow
Dr. Susan Ford, DVM, DACVIM
Date: Tuesday May 14th
Time: 7:15 PM



Toxicities - Hot and Hypers
Catharine Shankel, BSc, DVM
Date: Tuesday, June 11th
Time: 7:15 PM

Identifying and managing stimulant toxicities. This lecture will cover commonly encountered stimulants, including prescription medications, dietary supplements, and recreational drugs. Case-based review of concepts for identifying and diagnosing these toxicities, along with pearls for successful management.

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