In an Emergency

The emergency team is dedicated to providing 24 hour emergency and critical care for companion animals. We serve both the family and the veterinary community as we accept “walk-in” urgent cases, direct transfers, and referrals from family veterinarians. The ER team stays in close communication with your family veterinarian (and specialists as needed) to provide comprehensive and coordinated care for your pet.

Our emergency department operates on a triage basis. We are always open and available (24/7, 365 days a year).

Common emergencies seen include trauma, injury, toxicities, intestinal upset, bowel obstruction, breathing difficulties, heart failure, acute illness secondary to infection, diabetes, kidney failure, pancreatitis, liver disease, and cancer. We provide on-site laboratory testing, advanced imaging, and critical care (including transfusions). We can readily provide emergency surgery and endoscopic services.

As long term members of the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society, all of our emergency veterinarians maintain a rigorous continuing education program specific to the management of emergency cases to continually enhance our services and capabilities.

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