Wildlife Resources

Wildlife Rescue Association of British Columbia
(604.526.7275 Emergency contact for wildlife in distress)
The W.R.A. was established to rehabilitate wildlife affected by human activity and provide education to the public on co-existing with urban wildlife. W.R.A has a team of professional wildlife rehabilitators and an army of volunteers to provide temporary refuge to a diverse range of animals. Once the animals in their care are healthy and ready to live in the wild, they are released back into their natural habitat. This wildlife help line is a terrific resource.

Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society
O.W.L. specializes in caring for injured birds of prey (hawks, eagles, falcons and owls) as well as turkey vultures. If you encounter an injured or orphaned bird of prey, call O.W.L. immediately It is unsafe to handle these birds without proper safety equipment and training. O.W.L. is always available. Located in Delta, this facility has wonderful tours and an extensive educational program. Volunteer opportunities are available.

Critter Care Wildlife Society
Critter Care Wildlife Society specializes in the treatment, care and release of sick, injured, and orphaned Native Mammal species of British Columbia’s Southern and Lower Mainland.

Vancouver Aquarium
The Vancouver Aquariums Marine Mammal Rescue Centre is a hospital for sick, injured, or orphaned marine mammals. Each year, the Rescue Centre rescues over 100 marine mammals and rehabilitates them for release back into their natural habitat.