Cancer Patients

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Cancer Treatment

It’s an unfortunate fact that almost 40% of beloved pets will develop cancer at some point during a lifespan that is already so much shorter than ours. Thankfully, advances in diagnostics, planning, treatment and technology allow many animals to live out nearly normal life spans, or at the very least enjoy a pain free, meaningful quality of life.

Number One: The Patient

Many, if not most, of our oncology patients have complex health problems. The decisions that need to be made are challenging and urgent. That’s why we are committed to creating a circle of support consisting of our specialists, technologists, referral veterinarians and pet owners, that can make these difficult decisions together, throughout the treatment journey.

Our dedication to close cooperation and clear, consistent communications ensures the best possible patient care and the best chance for a successful outcome. Before beginning cancer therapy, we discuss treatment goals, set realistic expectations and offer a range of appropriate treatment options whenever possible. During and after treatment, we provide both written and verbal reports to the family veterinarian. Upon release, we provide written and verbal summaries of the care received by your pet, as well as ongoing care instructions.

Qualifications. Vigilance. Sensitivity.

All of the specialists working at Western Veterinary Cancer Centre are Diplomates in good standing of their respective specialty colleges, and have successfully completed accredited residency training and examination requirements. They are supported by the doctors and technical staff of Western Veterinary Specialist and Emergency Centre, which has a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week emergency service. All medical professionals at the Cancer Centre have ready access to a full range of high-tech monitoring systems, so that any change in the status of a hospitalized patient is addressed immediately.