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Our 14-year old mixed breed dog, Raskolnikov was diagnosed with carcinoma of the salivary gland in January 2007. Raskolnikov’s cancer was treated with two surgeries, removal of a lymph node, and multiple rounds of chemotherapy. She came through with flying colors and as of April 2008, shows no signs of recurrence and is being monitored routinely.” – Darby Roberts

Surgery is the oldest treatment for cancer and, as a single modality, cures more animals (and people) with cancer than any other treatment. Healing from surgery is usually rapid and complete and the results in terms of cosmetics, function, and owner acceptance are excellent in most cases.

Point of Excellence: Special Expertise in Surgical Oncology

All board certified surgeons have advanced training, knowledge and experience regarding the surgical management of disease in cats and dogs. However, very few board certified surgeons have completed formal post-residency sub-specialist training in surgical oncology. These highly skilled specialists have a more current knowledge of tumour biology, as well as a deeper understanding of the role of surgery in the multimodality treatment of cancer, including radiation therapy and chemotherapy. They treat more cancer patients and have more extensive experience in the management of both rare and common tumours.