Animal Cancer Centre

Welcome to the VCA Canada Western Veterinary Cancer Centre (WVCC). We are specialists dedicated to treating cancer in the dogs and cats that share and enrich our lives. Our team consists of accomplished oncologists and surgeons, and highly trained technicians. Our sophisticated technology and equipment, combined with our extensive knowledge and experience, allows us to offer the latest, most advanced treatments available.

At the VCA Canada Western Veterinary Cancer Centre, the successful management of each case depends on an open, team-oriented approach. This includes the family veterinarian who initiates a referral after arriving at an initial diagnosis. It also includes the concerned owner who understands the realities – and the possibilities – of pursuing cancer therapy for their pet. We strive to work openly and in collaboration with everyone involved in the care of each of our patients, to ensure the very best and most comprehensive treatment possible.

Please explore this resource carefully. You will find the information you need to evaluate who we are and what we hope to accomplish for pets with cancer.

We offer a dedicated toll-free line for rDVMs and their staff at: 866.770.1340.





Announcing the Availability of the First Linear Accelerator in a Veterinary Facility in Western Canada

Our system features 3-dimensional treatment planning, better tumour control, less normal tissue damage. Click on Cancer Centre News.

The Cancer Centre is a key clinical part of VCA Canada Western Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Centre.

Point of Excellence: Stereotactic Radiosurgery Unit

VCA Canada Western Veterinary Cancer Centre is pleased to announce the launch of its Stereotactic Radiosurgery Unit (SRS). The first and only program of its kind for veterinary patients in Canada. SRS is a method of delivering curative intent doses of radiation therapy in a very compressed timeframe, usually in 3 treatments given on consecutive days, compared to the 4 – 7 weeks typically required for most conventionally fractioned radiation therapy protocols.

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Get to know our knowledgeable veterinarians and well-trained staff who are here for you and your pet.
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