Minimally Invasive Surgery

VCA Canada Western Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Centre has the capacity to perform minimally invasive surgery which includes laparoscopic spays and cryptorchid surgery in dogs, laparoscopic abdominal exploratory surgery, laparoscopic prophylactic gastropexy, and laparoscopic liver biopsies. In laparoscopic procedures instead of a large incision being made into the abdominal wall, 2-3 small incisions are made through which the same procedures are performed. The benefits of laparoscopy include faster healing time and less post-operative pain. Laparoscopy is performed using specialized equipment, including a surgical camera (the end of which is only several millimeters in diameter!) to better visualize the abdominal cavity .

Minimally invasive surgeries and procedures are performed by Dr. Germaine Hung, Dr. Teresa Schiller, and Dr. Serge Chalhoub.

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