A wellness plan to help your pet live a happy, healthy life.

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Adult Cat Wellness Plans

Adult Paws and Adult Paws+

  7 months to 6 years old*  

The adult years are the longest and most active stage of your cat’s life. They’re also the years when their health needs evolve most quickly. With VCA Canada CareClub, you can proactively protect your pet from disease and infection, giving them the complete care they deserve and ensuring they stay happy and healthy for years to come.

  • 1 annual wellness exam
  • 1 semi-annual wellness exam
  • Unlimited additional visits: exams to care for their skin, coat, weight concerns or any unexpected health needs
Includes microchipping and registration.

* Your doctor will recommend the best plan for your cat.

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VCA Canada CareClub® Wellness Plans are preventive pet healthcare plans and are not insurance plans. VCA  Canada CareClub® Wellness Plans do not cover any services which are not specifically identified in the VCA Canada CareClub® Wellness Plan purchased. © 2017 VCA Canada, VCA Canada Logo and VCA Canada CareClub are registered trademarks of VCA Canada or its affiliated companies. (1) AVDC, “Periodontal Disease,” http://www.avdc.org/periodontaldisease.html
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