Larissa Ozeki, Medical Director


Dr. Larissa Ozeki graduated in 2008 from the Sao Paulo State University in Botucatu, Brazil; and after graduating she completed her Veterinary Anesthesiology Residency Program. Anesthesia and pain management were always Dr. Ozeki’s biggest passions.

After her residency, she went to Calgary to pursue her Master’s degree with wildlife anesthesiology.
Dr. Ozeki also attended University of Montreal as an anesthesiology clinician and went back to Calgary to work as an emergency vet and work on her licensing requirements to practice in North America.

Dr. Ozeki loves to go horseback riding, hiking, traveling and playing video games in her spare time. She has two rescue kitties, Theo - the ragdoll cross from the Calgary SPCA; and Neko who was rescued from a dumpster in 2016 at 2 months of age.
Dr Ozeki

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