Jonathan Bloom, Veterinarian


Dr. Jonathan Bloom was born in Toronto and graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph in 1993. After completing advanced training in the United States, he returned to Toronto to join the Willowdale Group in 1994. His special areas of professional interest include preventive healthcare and early disease detection screening, diseases of the eye and endocrinology. Early in his career, his work was published in one of the most revered veterinary journals for his research in diseases of the eye. He has also been a key opinion speaker at veterinary seminars. For his leadership in progressive veterinary healthcare, he now appears in veterinary journals worldwide, and is a sought after speaker for veterinary conferences throughout North America. He also sits as an active member on the Fear Free Advisory Board, an organization whose purpose is to reduce fear and anxiety that pets experience in their everyday life. He holds proud affiliations with the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association, Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, and College of Veterinarians of Ontario. Dr. Bloom also has a love for continuing education and professional advancement.

For Dr. Bloom his journey into veterinary medicine started as a child, with his love for the family dog – Bentley. It continued with his affinity for helping people, and suggestions that he become a teacher because of his gift for communication and bringing about understanding, veterinary medicine became is career path . Helping pets became his passion, and knowing that he helped their owners became his gratification. Given a strong medical upbringing, looking after pets and their owners is simply where he had to be – nothing could be better.
Dr. Bloom’s hobbies include skiing and snowboarding, and he is a Triathlete – swim, bike, run! He has a wonderful family of 6 – including his fantastic wife, 2 wonderful daughters, a fantastic son, and the family dog, Charlie.

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