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By-law information

  • For by-law information, please click here.

Lost dog? Contact the Humane Society

  • Contact the Ottawa Humane Society by clicking here.

Wildlife Information

The goal of our hospital is to provide care to domestic pets. Unfortunately, we do not have the staff or resources to care for, or rehabilitate, wildlife. At the discretion of our doctors, we do accept sick and/or injured wildlife to be humanely euthanized.

If the wildlife you have obtained needs rehabilitation/rescuing, please contact one of the following organizations:

Information for temporary care:

When Does An Animal Need Rescuing?

  • When it is cold to the touch
  • When it is bleeding or injured
  • When it has been attacked by a cat, dog, or other animal
  • When it is lying near the road with the danger of being hit by a car
  • When it is vocalizing and/or following people around

It is ILLEGAL, unless you are a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator, or a foster parent working with a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator, to keep wildlife for more than 24 hours. These rules are in place to keep both humans and animals safe. Many species of wildlife are carriers of rabies, or other diseases that are transferable and dangerous to yourself, your children, and your pet(s).

Within the initial 24-hour period, you are expected to contact a licensed rehabilitator or the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR 1 800 667 1940) to let them know you have wildlife in your possession.

Although you may mean well, fostering or raising wildlife is not easy. Wildlife requires different care than domestic animals. If you are not trained to properly care for these animals, they will NOT survive if released back into the wild. A licensed rehabilitator is familiar with the needs of wildlife and can properly provide them.

If there is no one able to properly provide for the wildlife, often euthanasia is a more humane choice than being unprepared to survive in the wild.

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