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Blair Animal Hospital is proud to have been a feature of the Gloucester community since 1971. Our dedicated and passionate staff members have helped us foster incredible relationships with our clients and their pets for over 40 years. Our clinic is located near the Canotek Industrial Park. We have great parking, a very large waiting room with a dedicated “Feline Only” area, free warm beverages for you and snacks for your furry friend. There’s even a City of Ottawa dog park in our back yard! Feel free to bring your dog for a run in the fully fenced Shefford Dog Park – I’m sure they’ll appreciate a good stretch after their check up!

Don’t worry cats; we’re extremely dedicated to you as well. We know that treats and dog parks aren’t your style, so we’ve worked hard to have VCA Canada Blair Animal Hospital certified as an AAFP Feline Friendly Hospital. This means we recognize that although we love your cat, the feeling is often not mutual and we do everything we can to help reduce the stress of your tiny tiger’s visit. We have a dedicated cat only waiting area and exam room. We use cozy blankets, Feliway and a gentle touch to make their visit calm and relaxing. We even have Happy Cat Kits available to set a tranquil tone at home before they come by for a wellness exam. Even your indoor only cats need to see a veterinarian on a yearly basis to maintain them at their fullest potential. We would love to work with you to make this a great experience for both you and your cat family.

VCA Canada Blair Animal Hospital is a proud member of AAHA – the American Animal Hospital Association – one of only four certified clinics in Ottawa. To maintain this membership, we succumb ourselves to voluntary, rigorous, third-party inspections every three years. These assessments ensure that not only are our patients getting adequate medical advice and assistance, but that they are receiving the very best care possible. This 240 point inspection examines the clinic top to bottom - from detailed medical records to facility cleanliness, gold standard medicine to cutting edge surgery – our AAHA certification means you are getting the very best care veterinarians have to offer.

We’re truly dedicated to not only curing your furred family member of any ailments, but our ultimate goal is to maintain their health. In additional to traditional veterinary services like bloodwork, dentistry, ultrasounds, xrays and surgery our entire staff works with you to provide a variety of health and wellness services. We use acupuncture, homeopathy, laser therapy, canine massage and advanced pain management to round out our whole hearted care.

One of the most important parts of this wholehearted care is you! You are a vital member of your pet’s health care and we need you to be an active participant in maintaining their well being. We take pride in working closely with our clients to ensure that treatment and wellness plans fit within your lifestyle.

Our veterinarians, RVTs, assistants and receptionists are here to help you care for your life’s greatest companions.

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