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Sherry Van Boxtel, Veterinarian


Dr. Sherry Van Boxtel is a veterinarian at the Calgary Trail Pet Hospital. Some people call her a crazy cat lady, but she prefers “cat whisperer”. She and her boyfriend Nathan share their home with 4 cats: Schubert the bossy Cream-Point Himalayan with heart disease, hyperthyroidism and asthma, Peanut the friendly orange diabetic cat with hyperthyroidism and arthritis, Sherman the orange tabby who had a urinary blockage but is now fine, and black and white Frosty who she found in the alley with his ears frostbitten off but is now happy to have a warm home to live in.

Sherry has a special interest in cats, dentistry, oncology (cancer), chemotherapy, rabbits, small exotics, surgery, and emergency medicine. She finds a special joy in caring for senior pets as they age.

Sherry graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2002 and worked as a small animal veterinarian in Toronto before moving to Edmonton in 2008. Growing up, Sherry had a Maltese dog named Oscar and a Himalayan cat named Baby and would also help her neighbour Shirley to nurse wildlife back to health. From the age of six she kept a journal with all the pets she met and drew their picture in crayon along with a brief description of where they lived and what they liked. One time one of the cows in the farmer’s field next door to her house was choking on a can and Sherry reached her hand down the cow’s throat and saved her from choking. All of these experiences as a young girl made Sherry want to become a veterinarian when she grew up and she is happy to be working in her dream job.

In her spare time Sherry enjoys running outside, watching TV shows, going to concerts, trying new restaurants, wine tasting and taking exercise classes at Goodlife Fitness. She also hosts Pet Talk which is a call in radio show about pets on 630 CHED every 3rd Sunday at 7am. You can call to ask her a question on the air at (780) 496-0063 or 1 (800) 663-0063

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