Brian Gibbs, Veterinarian


At Central Animal Hospital, I feel that I am surrounded by best friends—you and your pets. My parents taught me the values of patience and being considerate and respectful of others, and those have turned out to be qualities required in the profession I chose. It is a genuine love and respect of animals that is at the heart of our clinic and I enjoy building compassionate and respectful relationships with our pets and their families. These relationships that we develop over time enhance our ability to recognize and treat potential health issues in their earliest stages.

Our clinic opened its doors in 1975. We eventually outgrew the original space and did extensive renovations in 1996. We are now a leading edge companion animal veterinary practice committed to medical excellence in a compassionate environment.

One of the many highlights of my career was the Canadian Veterinary Association presenting me with the Small Animal Practitioner Award in 2005. This award recognizes veterinarians for their dedication and contribution to the advancement of small animal medicine. A few other highlights have been attending the very first animal dental course in New York, becoming a proficient ultrasonographer after attending courses in Guelph and Seattle, spending considerable time in surgeries, and helping pets and their people to experience a lifetime together of health and happiness.

The staff of Central Animal Hospital respects the special relationship between our clients and their pets. To enrich and strengthen this bond, we strive to practise progressive, high quality veterinary medicine in a sensitive, caring, and professional manner.

Our veterinarians truly have a love for animals and the practice of medicine and, along with our large veterinary technician support staff, receive continuing education and training to provide your pet with the most up to date care possible. With our exceptionally knowledgeable and skilled team, our comprehensive services, and modern diagnostics, Central Animal Hospital is able to provide your pet with preventive care as well as routine and emergency surgery.

Over the many years of my career, the technological and medical advances in veterinary medicine have been tremendous. Pets are living longer with a better quality of life. What has always remained constant at Central Animal Hospital is our understanding of the importance your pet holds in your heart. We appreciate the trust you place in us as we provide your pet with all of its health care and wellness needs.
Dr Gibbs

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