By Referral

We work closely with your pet’s primary care veterinarian as your pet’s united healthcare team. If your primary care veterinarian feels a referral to a specialist is required for your pet, they will initiate a referral by filling out the referral request form and send us any associated medical history and diagnostic test results.

General Appointment Times

Below please find our general appointment times. Please contact us for current schedules as this schedule is subject to change.

  • Emergency service:
    • Please contact your family veterinarian or a telemedicine service such as Smart Vet.
  • Surgery service:
    • Regular appointments available Monday to Thursday
  • Internal Medicine service:
    • Appointments available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Neurology service:
    • Appointments available Monday and Tuesday
  • Rehabilitation service:
    • Appointments available Monday to Friday (hours vary)
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