Heather Lam,


I once wrote a zoology exam that inspired me to pursue a specialty in veterinary dentistry. In a classroom at the University of New Brunswick, 150 small animal skulls were set out on tables and we were tasked with identifying them, to genus and species. From afar they looked identical to one another but on close observation the teeth were what held the secret to their identities: the shape, the size, the number and how and where they were formed in the skull. To me, it was just another example of how in Nature form and function exist in exquisite perfection.

Over the last decade I have had the privilege to train in the field of veterinary dentistry with many of the most skilled, knowledgeable and passionate veterinary dentists in the world. I have received advanced training in areas such as endodontic therapy, maxillofacial trauma, mandibular fracture repair and oral tumors, to name but a few.

I am deeply committed to my patients, their human companions and my veterinary colleagues who entrust me with providing the best in veterinary dental care.

Dr. Lam

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