A Day at The ‘O’ Pet Hotel

What a day looks like at The ‘O’ Pet Hotel At Oshawa Animal Hospital

The ‘O’-Team arrives at 6:30 am to start caring for our guests.

Rise and shine….Wakey, wakey!!!!

Once everybody is awake the dogs are let outside individually into large, secure yards to do 1st morning business. Everybody is out for the first time by 7 am.
As the dogs are being exercised, breakfast is being prepared and served as they come back into their rooms.

Once breakfast is done and settled, the dogs are then individually let outside again for some exercise. If the dogs are daycare dogs and have buddies they get along with then they can be let out in small groups for play.

Dogs are then tucked into their rooms for the morning (unless participating in daycare).

Our feline guests are then attended to. Breakfast is served, litter boxes are cleaned, snuggles are given. Cat pouncing room time can begin for any cat that has opted for this. The pouncing room allows our feline guests to climb, play and view the outdoors in a large glass enclosed room. This is for individuals only or multiple cats from the same household. Pouncing room time is available in 4 hour allotments and is also available for overnight stays (7pm-7am). A great way for kitty cats to stretch their legs and get some exercise.

Doggie Daycare morning session begins around 9 am and runs for 2 hours for all dogs that have opted for it. If we have a large group for play, there may be multiple daycare sessions throughout the day so times may be altered but everybody gets 2 hours, twice a day!

Daycare occurs in the playroom and outdoors in the play yards as weather permits. On warm summer days, we have a kiddy pool for water fun in one of the outdoor yards. The goal is to encourage activity and socialization in a group of dogs. This is great fun for all participants. We have various toys and adventures in the playroom and outside in our play yards. The dogs are always supervised and stimulated by an ‘O’-Team member. After 2 hours of play, a rest is needed so it’s nap time. The dogs are tucked into their rooms for a mid-day snack (if permitted) and nap to prepare for the afternoon daycare session.

Dogs that are not comfortable in playcare but need some extra attention may opt for some “One-On-One Time”. This is 15 minutes performed with a hotel staff member outside of regular daycare times.

Once morning daycare has wrapped up around 11 am, the other canine hotel guests that are not daycare participants are individually let outside for a third exercise period. Depending on the weather, the dogs can be outside for 15-20 minutes. If midday snacks are required, they are offered when the dogs come back in from their exercise.

The kitty cats are once again given some snuggles and their condos are freshened up. Afternoon individual time in the pouncing room starts now for any kitty opting for this. Noon time snacks are provided if requested.

The daycare 2 hour afternoon session fires up at approximately 2 pm and runs through until 4 pm. By 4 pm, our daycare crowd is pretty much exhausted and ready for a nap until their folks come to pick them up.

Once afternoon daycare has wrapped up, the other canine hotel guests are individually let outside for another exercise period. Dinner is then served. After dinner is digested, dogs are then turned out again by 7 pm. The ‘O’-Team is present in the hotel until 8:30 pm and a final turnout for all dogs is by 8:30. The dogs and cats are then tucked in and lights out for the night.

A Day at The ‘O’ Pet Hotel

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