Boarding FAQ

How do I make a hotel reservation?
We recommend booking your pet’s stay at least 2 weeks prior to your scheduled dates to allow us time to verify and update all health requirements. This will help to avoid last minute disappointments if your pet requires an update to a vaccination.
Option 1: Call Oshawa Animal Hospital and arrange your pet’s stay. We will need dates for check in and check out as well as times for both. We will also ask for your pet’s room preference and will verify your pet’s health status.
Option 2: Submit a completed “Hotel Reservation Request” form online with your requested dates and desired rooms. Other information to smooth the check in process includes meal instructions, special care instructions (medications, etc), other services requested during stay (daycare, freshen up bath, etc). We will confirm by return email within 1 business day and may ask for clarification or more information if needed.
We can also call you and complete the majority of the form over the phone prior to check in. This will speed the check in process.

What does the check-in process involve?
Regular: Check in is by prescheduled appointments. Arrive at the hotel at your scheduled check in time. You will be escorted to an appointment room with your pet and belongings. We will complete the “Hotel Reservation” form with you and determine all services that you wish for your pet’s stay with us. This process will take approximately 15 minutes and ensures that we deliver the care you want for your pet. In the unlikely event we need to speak with you during your pet’s stay, we will need your contact information as well. You will also be asked to book a check out time. Prepayment of your pet’s stay at check in is available and may expedite check out.
Express Option A: This is a very brief appointment. The “Hotel Reservation” form can be completed online and submitted prior to check in appointment for review to ensure completeness. We will review this form with you upon check in.
Express Option B: Frequent guest. All information is as previously submitted. Express option B verified with hotel staff. Simply hand your pet and belongings to the hotel staff (with the option of tucking your pet into his/her accommodations)….”Snuggle and Go”

What does the check-out process involve?
Regular: Arrive at the hotel at your scheduled check out time. You will be escorted to an appointment room where a hotel staff member will give you a synopsis of your pet’s stay with us and return all your pet’s belongings to you. We will review your invoice for services and process your payment. We will then reunite you with your pet. This process will take approximately 15 minutes.
Express: Was your pet’s stay prepaid and no additional charges incurred that need discussion? Was your pet’s stay uneventful? Were no medical services requested that need to be reviewed? Then you may qualify for an express checkout. Walk in at your prearranged time and we will get your pet’s belongings, your paperwork, give you a synopsis of your pet’s stay then you and your pet can be on your way.

How do I make a daycare reservation?
First time participant: For first time participants, we offer an “Introductory Daycare Session” during which we will slowly introduce your dog to other dogs and assess your pet’s social skills. This helps us understand your dog a little better and get to know how he interacts with pets and humans. An appointment to participate in daycare for one day or multiple days (or to begin regular participation in daycare) can be booked online or by calling the hospital phone number. You will need to complete and submit an “Introductory Daycare Session Reservation” form. This can be completed at the time of initial admission. We will need to verify all health status information to ensure eligibility to participate in daycare (please refer to health status information below). Once the information is completed and verified, daycare admission can be on an express basis until a change/update in information is required.

Regular participant: We request that all regular daycare participants reserve a daycare spot(s) as far in advance as possible. Blocks of days can be booked ahead as well. This can be by phone or in person at the hotel during check in/check out of daycare.
Booking with a hotel stay: Adding daycare to a hotel stay can be done during completion of the “Hotel Reservation” form either online or in person and can also be booked when reserving your pet’s room by phone.

What does the daycare check-in and check-out process involve?
Daycare check in process
Regular: Arrive at the hotel at your scheduled check in time. You will be escorted to an appointment room with your pet and any belongings you may wish to bring with your pet. We will complete or review the “Daycare Reservation” form with you. This process will take approximately 15 minutes and ensures that we provide what you want for your pet. In the unlikely event we need to speak with you during the day, we will need your contact information as well. You will also be asked to book a check out time. Prepayment of your pet’s daycare at check in is available and may expedite check out. Prepaying for a number of days at once will also qualify you for express check in and check out.
Express: For frequent play kids where we have all information on file, we are aware you are coming and have confirmed you can express — Walk in. Hand your leash (plus supplies) to a blue shirt. Confirm a pick up time….”Snuggle and Go”!
Daycare check out process
Unless there is detailed information that we need to discuss with you upon check out, we will simply bring your pet and belongings to you when you arrive at the hotel and you can be on your way. If payment for daycare is required, we will process this prior to bringing you your pet. In the event that we do need to discuss something with you, that is, if you requested services that need discussion, we will do so in an appointment room prior to check out.

What are the check in and check out times?
Hotel check out is by 1 pm. After this time, a partial day hotel charge applies. Hotel check in can begin anytime after 7 am. Early check in is complimentary.
All pets should be checked in and out by 7 pm unless special arrangements have been made for a later time.
Daycare pets can arrive anytime during our regular hours but remember when daycare occurs. If you want to capitalize on all of daycare time available, check in before 9 am and check out after 4 pm is recommended. You are welcome to have your dog attend only one session per day if that works best for your schedule.

What is the daily daycare schedule?
Daycare is held in 2 sessions, 9 – 11 am and 2 – 4 pm(approximately), Monday to Friday. You may opt to have your pet take part in one or both sessions daily and as many days of the week as you like. If you know the days your pet will be attending, we would ask that you notify us but you may also attend on a drop in basis. Daycare is intense activity so nap time from 11am – 2pm allows the dogs to recharge. With larger groups of dogs, the group may be split and daycare times may vary but we still aim to give every pet in daycare two, 2 hour sessions.

Should I bring anything from home for my pet?
We encourage you to bring items that may make your pet’s stay feel more like home. This includes bedding, toys and treats. If your pet is a chewer when alone, we would not recommend leaving plush bedding or chew toys in the room for him/her to destroy but we will follow your instructions! The same is true for collars and harnesses. We do not want your pet to destroy these so will leave on or remove as you request.
We highly recommend you bring your pet’s regular diet with you so that we do not risk a digestive upset from a food change. Our hotel diet is Healthy Advantage Oral +.

Because of the considerable human health risk and risk to other pets, we are not able to feed raw or frozen raw diets to pets staying at our hotel. If you feed a raw diet we suggest transitioning your pet to an appropriate dry pet food prior to arrival.

What kitty litter do you use in your cat hotel?
We use clay cat litter for our feline hotel guests. If your cat has different litter requirements, please bring this litter with you and we will use it for your kitty.

Do you have vaccination or other health requirements?
In order to protect your pet and all other pet’s that stay with us, we have some minimum health requirements that we feel are necessary.
1. Your pet has been examined by a veterinarian in the last 12 months for a total health assessment.
2. Your dog has current vaccination status for distemper virus, parvovirus and rabies virus and the vaccine was administered at least 2 weeks prior to hotel check in.
3. Your dog has had intranasal/oral bordetella and parainfluenza vaccination administered within the last 12 months but greater than 2 weeks before check in.
4. Your cat has current vaccination status for viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, panleukopenia, and rabies virus and the vaccine was administered at least 2 weeks prior to hotel check in.
5. Your pet is on an approved flea control preferably an Advantage family product. We will ask for the date the product was last administered.
6. Your pet is on an approved gastrointestinal parasite control product. We will ask for the date the product was last administered.
7. Your pet has had a negative fecal examination performed in the past 12 months.
8. Your pet is spayed or neutered if over 9 months of age – dogs; 6 months of age – cats
9. Your pet is at least 12 weeks old
10. Tick control is not a requirement but is highly recommended as outdoor play is an important part of our daycare program.
Although these requirements may minimize the risk of contracting some diseases and parasites, there is no guarantee that these can be prevented when exposed to other pets. Much like mixing children

How do you assess and introduce new dogs to daycare?
We offer an introductory daycare session to help determine the temperament of your dog. We will first discuss your dog’s behaviour with you during a 15 minute check in appointment. Then we will assess your dog’s interaction with our team and then with other dogs in a small group of 2 or 3 dogs whose behaviour we are very familiar with. A slow introduction to our daycare group play offers the highest chance of a successful integration. Over time, we will become familiar with what environment your dog prefers. If your dog is not able to be introduced to the group we do offer other alternatives such as some one-on-one time with the team. During your daycare check out appointment, we will discuss how your dog’s first day of daycare went and make any recommendations for future daycare sessions.

Do dogs ever get hurt?
During daycare, dogs can become excited and playful exuberance may result in injury to themselves or other pets. We will do our utmost best to prevent injury to any pet but dogs playing together does carry a certain degree of risk for injury from biting (either play or aggressive) or other traumatic injury. If your pet becomes injured in any way or injures another pet, we will contact you immediately and discuss a plan for your pet. In the event that on any given day, your dog does not get along with another dog in daycare, one or both of the dogs may need to be removed from daycare for safety. In this case, we will spend some One-on-One time with them instead of daycare. We will notify you when this happens.

What do you do in case of illness or injury?
We will always ask you for your contact information while your pet is in our care. In the event that something happens to your pet, we will immediately contact you, advise you of the situation and give our recommendations for care.

Does someone stay at the hotel overnight?
No. The ‘O’-Team arrives at the hotel at 6:30 am and leaves at 8:00 pm. The hospital and hotel are cared for by a monitored alarm system.

Do you offer weekend daycare?
We currently offer daycare Monday to Friday but will continue to monitor demand for this service on the weekends and adjust our hours accordingly. Please let us know if weekend daycare would be of interest to you.

Boarding FAQ

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