Paw It Forward FAQ 2017-02-06T17:27:09+00:00
What is Paw It Forward? 2017-05-29T17:44:13+00:00
  • Paw It Forward is VCA Canada’s national philanthropic program driven by our Cultural Value of Community Leadership. This program engages the entire community – VCAC, our clients, local supporting agencies, their clients, and our vendor partners – in Caring for life’s greatest companions.
  • The program covers our extensive campaign of national, regional and local community endeavors. Ranging from supporting humane societies, rescue groups and SPCAs, to enhancing the awareness and learning of animal health and welfare issues, to providing support and assistance to families and pets in need, Paw It Forward covers it all.
  • Paw It Forward was established in 2014.
What is the The Pet Food Pantry? 2017-05-29T17:43:23+00:00
  • Pet Food Pantry is a national initiative within Paw It Forward focused specifically on providing high quality pet nutrition to pet owners in need across Canada. We know that it is not uncommon for pet owners in need to sacrifice their own food for their pets. We understand that many such pet owners struggle to provide medical care, vaccinations and spaying or neutering for their beloved animals. Pet Food Pantry was designed to help meet some of these needs. The Pet Food Pantry is coordinated by VCA Canada on a national level with exclusive support from Purina, Boehringer, & Vetoquinol. Together, we partner with local agencies to provide high quality pet food for families and pets in need. In addition, we provide an opportunity for owners to bring their pets in for a free nail trim, a chance to share about their pet and a place to have their bond with their pets affirmed.
How much support do we give back to the community? 2017-05-29T17:44:46+00:00
  • VCA Canada contributes $4 million dollars annually in goods, services and other support to the communities that we live and operate in through Paw It Forward. Since inception in 2014, we have provided over 900,000 meals to pets in need across Canada through the Pet  Food Pantry, a national initiative within Paw It Forward.
Is Paw It Forward a registered charity? Am I eligible for a tax receipt? 2017-02-06T17:27:12+00:00
  • Paw It Forward is not a registered charity and are unable to give tax receipts.
  • There are many great charities across Canada working to make pets’ lives better and we want to support them. Paw It Forward is our way of doing so. We did not want to become a competitor for these charities but rather a support network that works with many different organizations across Canada. Paw It Forward is a means for us and our clients to give back to the community in a unified way.
How can I help? 2017-02-06T17:27:12+00:00
  • Ask your veterinary hospital what they are doing to Paw It Forward in the community.
  • Many of our hospitals have established relationships in the community, ask a team member if there is a need.
  • Ask about the Paw It Forward transition program.
  • Follow us and your local hospitals on Facebook and Twitter to see Paw It Forward in action and spread the word.


How are the funds allocated? 2017-05-29T17:41:41+00:00
  • We work diligently to allocate 100% of the funds towards helping pets in need. The program is administered through VCA Canada’s Communications team to ensure there is no impact on the contributions. Our strategic partners assist us with financial contributions and their time. Community leadership is a Cultural Value at VCA Canada and we want to ensure we can help as many pets in need as possible through the Paw It Forward program.
How can I contribute? 2016-05-31T20:50:51+00:00
  • Our hospitals are set up to receive direct contributions through cash and credit/debit card donations. Please ask a team member if there are any other hospital specific ways to contribute.
  • We are not set up to receive donations online.
  • The Paw It Forward transitions program.
  • Come out a support our hospitals at their events and other local community endeavours.
What is the Paw It Forward transition program? 2017-05-29T17:40:25+00:00
  • We believe that nutrition plays an important role in your pet’s life and health. For every pet who transitions their diet to a veterinary exclusive diet (VED) from a non-VED the food company will contribute $5 (cash or product) to Paw It Forward and VCA Canada will match it.
  • Please ask your veterinary team about the importance of nutrition and the role it can play in your pet’s life.
When do you put on events? How can I stay informed? 2016-05-31T20:51:07+00:00
  • Each hospital plans and organizes their own Paw It Forward events. These events vary in size, location and time. To stay informed, please visit your hospitals Facebook page or call the hospital for more details.
  • Many of our hospitals have bulletin boards and updates around the hospital, please ask a team member about any upcoming events.
  • A list of our hospitals can be found HERE.