Why VCA Canada?

We see things differently at VCA Canada.

We don’t see an animal, we see a family member.

We don’t see an annual exam, but a wellness consultation that will contribute to a happy, healthy pet for life.

Collaboration, quality medicine, best practices, new technologies, and innovative equipment enables us to provide the best veterinary medicine available for your pet.

Caring For Life's Greatest Companions ... it's what we do

VCA Canada Animal Hospitals is a family of over 150 small animal veterinary practices located across 6 Canadian provinces. Our team of over 4,000 Associates provides our communities with general, emergency, and specialty services in our practices, offering compassionate care for pets and their families. Our purpose of caring for life’s greatest companions is felt in every part of the VCA Canada experience, whether it is our patients, our clients, our team members, or our communities.

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Paw It Forward

Paw It Forward is VCA Canada's national community outreach initiative focused on caring for life's greatest companions.

From Pet Food Pantry events to volunteering at community events, VCA Canada is committed to serving and supporting the communities in which we live and work.

Learn more about Paw It Forward and how you can get involved.

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Latest at VCA Canada
Preparing Your Pets for Winter

Winter cold weather poses a number of risks for our pets. Antifreeze commonly used in winter is extremely toxic if ingested. Cold damp weather can be very harmful so dogs should ideally be kept inside most of the time during the winter. If this is not possible, dogs need a raised shelter large enough to be comfortable but small enough to retain heat. Extra calories are needed for outdoor dogs to keep warm. Paws can be affected by frostbite, as well as ice or damaging ice melt compounds. Feet should be checked and wiped after being outside. Rabbits should be maintained at constant temperatures as they are not able to handle the differences between indoor and outdoor temperatures in winter.

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The Cat's Meow! Caterwauling in Cats

Caterwauling is cat vocalization that sounds like a combination of a yowl, a howl, and a whine. This disturbing noise may result from medical problems, physical needs, hormonal stimulations, or emotional insecurities. The response to caterwauling should focus on addressing the cat's circumstances and filling their needs.

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