Paw It Forward

Paw It Forward is VCA Canada’s national philanthropic program driven by our cultural value of community leadership. With the help of our generous vendor partners, this program engages the communities that our hospitals serve to support local agencies and their clients to make pets’ lives better. Paw It Forward covers our extensive campaign of national, regional, and local community endeavours.

VCA Canada understands the impact that caring for a pet can have. The human-animal bond creates a unique relationship that is everlasting and unlike any other. It’s not uncommon for marginalized pet owners to sacrifice their own basic needs for their pets, and it’s understood that many pet parents go through times of struggle when they might find it difficult to provide medical care, vaccinations, and treatment for their beloved animals. Paw It Forward assists pet parents on a case-by-case basis by providing their animals with the highest quality medicine when they need it most.

VCA Canada Paw It Forward - Road Trip

Pet Food Pantry

The Pet Food Pantry, as part of the Paw It Forward program, is a community outreach initiative that provides quality pet food and support for dogs and cats whose families are in need. Our approach is non-judgmental and empathetic. The Pet Food Pantry serves cases where pets may not be in a home that is financially able to take care of all their needs to the highest level at that time. No matter the circumstance, all pets deserve quality food and a supportive ear for their families. The human-animal bond, and the connection to the community, are core to the Pet Food Pantry.

We welcome support from any organization that aligns with the basic philosophy of the Pet Food Pantry and is willing to demonstrate compassion for people and their pets. Together, with the support of our partners, Pet Food Pantry events provide pets in need with care and supplies across Canada. VCA Canada volunteers have visited Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto communities to help pet parents experiencing homelessness and give out care packages filled with pet food, snacks, and gift cards as a small act to support an owner and their pet.

Rabies & vaccine clinics

High-quality veterinary medicine can be out of reach for some pet owners who wish they could access this standard of care. As part of VCA Canada’s commitment to demonstrate compassion for people and their pets, rabies and vaccine clinics are held in various communities across Canada throughout the year. These events are entirely run by VCA Canada staff and qualified volunteers with the support of generous donations from compassionate partners and aligned organizations in the area. While we cannot operate full veterinary clinics at these events, we can direct them to other appropriate agencies where a more clinical approach is offered.

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Shelter & rescue partnerships

VCA Canada is a proud supporter of shelters and rescues across the country. Through the select organizations we partner with, VCA Canada is pleased to offer newly adopted pets the best start possible with the vet care they need while also supporting their vital work in our communities.

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