Accommodations for Feline VIPs

All of our guests are fed a veterinary approved pet food diet. Settle down treats are given in the afternoon. We also have a large variety of a La Carte items available to choose from.

Please call our clinic at 416.752.6048 or click here for more information.


Please be Aware of the Following Requirements:

  • All guests must be current on all Vaccines. Proof of vaccination required.
  • All feline guests over 7 months must be spayed or neutered.
  • All feline guests must show proof of negative fecal test within 1 year of resort stay.
  • All guest must be on a veterinary-approved monthly flea prevention. This can be done at check-in if not already on a monthly program.
  • Statutory Holidays, supplied food or guests requiring special handling will be subject to additional fees.


Cats Cradle

In the Village, our cats stay in Cats’ Cradle. These accommodations are glass fronted with a resting shelf, providing a second level in these Kottages. Several of the Kitty Kottages communicate with each other with sliding doors, allowing multiple cat families adjoining Kottages with the freedom to seek their own personal space. Adjoining Kottages are also perfect for single cats who like more space.


The Birchmount Lofts

The second resort experience we offer our feline guests is the Birchmount Lofts. These glass fronted lofts offer two levels of living space, a private bathroom, two meals with a selection of toppers, and a web camera that allows clients to check in while they are away.

Get to Know Our Team

Get to know our knowledgeable veterinarians and well-trained staff who are here for you and your pet.
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