Accommodations for Canine VIPs

All of our guests are fed a veterinary approved pet food diet. Settle down treats are given in the afternoon. We also have a large variety of a La Carte items available to choose from.

Please call our clinic at 416.752.6048 or click here for more information.


Please be Aware of the Following Requirements:

  • All guests over the age of 8 months must be spayed or neutered.
  • All guests must be current in their vaccinations including Canine Cough (Bordatella). Canine Influenza Virus Vaccine is required for certain at-risk canine guests. Please call for more info. Proof of Vaccination required.
  • All guests must have proof of negative fecal test done within 6 months of stay. If a stool sample must be collected here, appropriate exercise alone and lab fees will be applied until a negative result is received.
  • All guests must be on a veterinary-approved monthly flea prevention. This can be applied upon check-in, if your pet is not already on a monthly program. Statutory Holidays or guests requiring special handling will be subject to additional fees.


The Boardwalk Suites

The second resort experience we offer our canine guests is the Boardwalk Suites. These glass fronted accommodations include a soft bed, two meals with your choice of Hearty Stews, 3 group exercise periods and a night time bathroom walk.


The Ultimate Experience

The ultimate experience for our canine guest is provided by the Parkview and Gardenview Suites. These rooms are flooded with natural light, have custom made beds, twice daily meals with a selection of toppers and exercise programs to complete the “room with a view” experience.


The Parkview Suites

The Parkview guests, in addition to three group exercise periods and a nightly bathroom walk, enjoy a one hour play session with other qualified guests. Clients are encouraged to check in on their dogs via the web camera in the suite.


The Gardenview Suites

The Gardenview guests enjoy a full day of play in our playroom with other socially active dogs. Fresh air is enjoyed on our grassed rooftop terrace. A TV provides entertainment while relaxing in the evening. Clients are encouraged to check in on their dogs via the web camera in the suite and the playroom.

Get to Know Our Team

Get to know our knowledgeable veterinarians and well-trained staff who are here for you and your pet.
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