How do I submit a referral?

A referral can be submitted through our online referral submission form.

Please send all pertinent results, diagnostic images and medical records with the referral through fax or directly with the client.

What can I tell a client to expect?

Once we receive the referral form our reception staff will contact your client in order to schedule an appointment. We ask most clients to fast their pets from food after midnight the night prior to their appointment in case blood work needs to be performed or if sedation or anesthesia is required.

For most of our appointments, an animal health technologist will complete a basic physical examination and history. After the doctor reviews this history, they will examine the patient and discuss available options for further diagnostic tests or treatment with the client.

Does a patient need to be fasted?

Yes, we recommend withholding food for 12 hours prior to a specialist appointment. This is done in case blood work needs to be performed, or if sedation or anesthesia is required. In the case of juvenile patients or diabetic patients, where fasting may cause further complications, a normal feeding schedule is recommended.

Will I hear about my client’s visit and results?

Yes. You will be contacted following consultation by phone and/or faxed referral letter to let you know what was found, discussed, performed, and what follow-up care is required.

Who will be responsible for the follow-up?

As you can imagine, this varies with each case. We encourage follow-up with the referring veterinarian if possible, however in certain cases, specific follow-up appointments will be performed at Guardian Veterinary Centre.

What if my client contacts you directly?

If Guardian is contacted directly by a client, we will explain our referral process and encourage them to contact their primary care veterinarian to see if a referral is appropriate. If the client tells us they have been asked to contact us for referral by their primary care veterinarian, we will schedule a tentative appointment and follow-up with the primary care veterinarian to confirm.

What if I want to refer a patient after hours or on the weekend?

If you would like to refer a patient at a time when our specialists are not available, these arrangements can be made through our emergency service. Please send along all pertinent information and the case will be transferred as soon as possible.

What if I have been consulting with one specialist regarding a case, but the appointment is scheduled with another?

If you have been discussing a case at length with one of our specialists and feel it is important that he/she see the case directly, please make a notation on the referral form and the case will be scheduled as requested.

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