Paw It Forward

Pet Food Pantry


The Pet Food Pantry, as part of the Paw It Forward program, is a community outreach initiative that provides quality pet food and support for dogs and cats whose families are in need. Our approach is non-judgmental and empathetic. It is clear that not all pets are fortunate enough to be in a home that is financially able to take care of all their needs to the highest level. That being said, we do feel that these pets deserve quality food, and they deserve a supportive ear to help them to make the best decisions for their pet. The human-animal bond, and the connection to the community, is core to The Pet Food Pantry. While we are unable to operate veterinary clinics at these events, we are able to direct them to other appropriate agencies where a more clinical approach is offered. We welcome support from any organization who aligns with the basic philosophy of The Pet Food Pantry, and seeks to celebrate the human-animal bond.

Together, with the support of our partners, Paw It Forward has provided over 800 000 meals to pets in need across Canada.

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