To refer to our Emergency department, please call the clinic at 604-879-3737 to speak with a veterinarian directly to transfer the case. This will allow for an expedited admission process for your patient and client. Our veterinarian will be able to provide a tentative treatment plan and anticipated cost.

To refer to our Specialty departments, please complete the Patient Referral Form online. Records, radiographs, and diagnostic results can be attached to the referral form or emailed separately.

We have three levels of urgency for our referrals. Selecting an accurate level of urgency allows our team to schedule consultations in a timely manner for all patients. Please be advised that general timelines can vary greatly throughout the year.

  • Select “Emergency” if a patient needs immediate attention from a specialist. When a patient is emergent, please call the clinic to transfer the case and confirm availability. If this is after hours for the department, the patient will need to come in through our Emergency department, who can call in a specialist when needed.
  • Select “Priority Appointment” if a patient needs specialist attention within a couple days to a week. Depending on the department, this is not always available. We do our best to ensure priority cases are seen as soon as possible, but will reach out to advise of longer waits when necessary.
  • Select “Next Available” for patients who are currently stable and able to wait a few weeks to a month for specialist attention.

For Internal Medicine, please include a concise summary of the case, as our team is not able to review full medical records before the consultation and a summary allows us to quickly assess urgency and schedule accordingly. This can be on the referral form itself, or a separate document as required by the case.

If you have any questions regarding our referral process, timelines, or a particular case, please feel free to call the clinic to speak with our Referral Coordinator or Client Care team. 



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