In-Home Pet Euthanasia

As pet owners ourselves, we know the heartache and discomfort of having to take a beloved pet out of the privacy of your home for such a personal and emotional experience.

The Paws To Rest private in-home pet euthanasia service allows you to ensure the final moments with your furry friend are warm, peaceful, private and cherished. We provide customized service for dogs and cats, and other select types of pets on a case-by-case basis.

Our Paws To Rest Service Includes the Following:

  • A scheduled in-home visit with one of our compassionate veterinarians (we work very hard to accommodate short notice appointments whenever possible, including evenings and weekends)
  • Preparation for where your pet is most comfortable: a favourite chair or couch, on the bed, in your arms, or wherever you believe they’ll be happiest
  • All required sedation, medication, and monitoring
  • Assistance with post-euthanasia cremation services. Please note that cremation is a separate service option provided by Gateway pet Memorial services, one of our trusted partners. Alternately, you may choose to handle the remains yourself after the service is completed.
  • A custom online memorial page to help you honour your pet’s memory and create a lasting tribute to the life you shared together
  • Paws To Rest appointments are typically 30-60 minutes in length, and are based entirely on what works best for you. Please note that we only offer euthanasia services for senior and terminally ill pets, and we do not provide convenience euthanasia services (meaning that the decision to euthanize is not age-related or due to illness or suffering).
Whether you’re just starting the process of investigating end-of-life options for your pet or you’re at the point now of needing to say goodbye, we’re here to support you however we can.


Pet Euthanasia:


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