Quality of Life Consultation


If you’re not sure if your pet is ready to be euthanized, a Quality of Life Consultation can help you get the answers you need from a medical perspective. This type of appointment is designed to answer your questions related to your pet’s quality of life and see if there are any treatment options that may help your pet live more comfortably — or if it may be time to say goodbye.

Once onsite, our Vet will do a complete medical exam, as well as learn more about your pet’s daily habits, mobility and other factors that can help determine if the time has come to help your pet cross over. If the Vet finds that it is indeed time to humanely euthanize your pet, there is ample time scheduled into the Quality of Life Consultation to perform the euthanasia, if you choose to do so during the same appointment.

Our Quality of Life Consult Includes:

  • A full nose to tail medical exam by a licensed Veterinarian in your home
  • An independent medical opinion of your pet’s quality of life and help deciding “is it time”
  • An environmental assessment to help improve quality of life if euthanasia is not yet necessary (if applicable)
  • Recommendations for treatments to make your pet more comfortable if euthanasia is not yet necessary (if applicable)
  • Ample time built into the appointment if you and your Veterinarian decide that compassionate euthanasia is in your pet’s best interest

Pet Euthanasia:


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