Why VCA Canada?

We see things differently at VCA Canada. We don’t see an animal, we see a family member. We don’t see an annual exam, but a wellness consultation that will contribute to a happy, healthy pet for life. Collaboration, quality medicine, best practices, new technologies, and innovative equipment enables us to provide the best veterinary medicine available for your pet.

Caring For Life's Greatest Companions

It's what we do

VCA Canada Animal Hospitals is a family of over 140 small animal veterinary practices located across 6 Canadian provinces. Our team of over 4,000 associates provides our communities with general, emergency, and specialty services in our practices, offering compassionate care for pets and their families. Our purpose of Caring For Life’s Greatest Companions is felt in every part of the VCA Canada experience, whether it is our patients, our clients, our team members, or our communities.

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We understand

At VCA Canada, we’re pet people too. We understand the bond between you and your pet, and how much joy they bring to your lives. We know the importance of your morning snuggles and the tail-wagging excitement when you come through the door, even if you’re only gone for five minutes. Pets are our life partners; they motivate us to run and join us on adventures big and small.

Your pets are always there for you, so we're always here for them.

Veterinarians for today, and tomorrow

Whether you are coming for a wellness exam or your pet has an itch that just won't go away, our team will be there. Our family has over 100 hospitals across Canada, including 8 specialty hospitals with access to over 525+ Board-certified specialists. Not only are we here today, but we're training the veterinarians of tomorrow. Our board-certified specialists also provide training for veterinarians in the community, whether they are part of our family or not. 

Here for you, always

We're responsible for nurturing and celebrating the bond between people and their pets. Our hospitals provide the care and advice needed to help keep your pet healthy. So, when Fido introduces himself to a porcupine or Fluffy decides an earplug would make a great midnight snack, we are here for them day and night. Our team is here to provide the care they need to heal and their parents with the compassion they need to feel at ease. This way, we ensure people and their pets can continue to go on adventures, laugh, and love life.

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