Payment Options

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Financial Policy

Our goal is to offer the best possible care available to you and your pet. Our clinicians will spend time discussing your pet’s problem and the possible options open to you. At the conclusion of the consultation, we will provide you with estimates for these various diagnostic and treatment options.

If you decide to proceed with any of these options then we will request that you leave a deposit of 75% of the estimate. You will be asked to pay the remaining 25% upon discharge of your pet. We offer a variety of payment options including all major credit cards, (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) as well as Debit Cards and cash.

If you have pet insurance, please make the reception staff aware, as in some cases, we may obtain prior approval for the surgery from your insurance company for the hospital to bill them directly. This would leave you only to pay the costs not covered by your insurance provider.

Our Client Care Coordinators will keep you updated on your costs each day or whenever you request this. Should unforeseen complications arise or should additional care be required that has not been estimated for, the Client Care Coordinator will ask you to keep your deposit at 75% of the total invoice.

At The C.A.R.E. Centre, we strive to keep our costs down and to remain within the estimate that you are given. However, every pet is an individual and sometimes this may not always be possible. You should expect clear communication from your Doctor or his/her staff if we anticipate any change(s) from the original.


Once a diagnostic and treatment plan has been determined, we will generate an estimate of the expected costs. We try our best to make an accurate estimate of the anticipated costs so that there are no surprises on your part. The estimate includes the surgery and associated costs and home medications. Our estimates usually have a low and high range as there may be uncertainties as to the time of anesthesia, implants, injections used and potentially number of days in hospital. We do our best to stay in range, however, medical issues being what they are, unexpected issues can arise. If we feel that a procedure or test is needed that will cause us to exceed the estimate then we will try to inform you of any additional costs ahead of time and obtain your permission.

For many orthopedic cases, one set of follow up x-rays are required to ensure healing of the bone. An additional estimate will be generated to cover this anticipated cost. However, we do not include the management of complications, additional unexpected x-rays, bandage changes etc in the original estimate and subsequent estimates may be needed to cover these additional costs.