We ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to allow time to complete a medical history questionnaire on your pet. We should already have any documentation from your regular veterinarian before your arrival; however, you may be transporting some of the information with you – please check if you are to bring x-rays and inform the receptionist if you will be doing so. We also ask that you have an available list of the medication(s) and food your pet is currently receiving. You and your pet will meet with one of our Veterinarians who will take a thorough history of your pet’s condition and they will examine your pet. If needed, a diagnostic plan will be outlined to further specify what is the best course of action for your pet.


It may be possible that further testing may be needed to arrive at a specific diagnosis of your pet’s condition. This may include x-rays, blood work and urinalysis, joint fluid analysis, biopsy, CT (computerized tomography), MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and arthroscopy. We will also consult with our medical colleagues should the need arise to get a complete picture of your pet’s health and suitability for procedures or surgery if needed. Pre-operative blood-work is necessary to assess the function of your pet’s internal organs to enable us to perform safe anesthesia.

Once a diagnosis is made you and the veterinarian will make a treatment plan for that is best for you and your pet. We understand this is a lot of information to digest so please do not be afraid to ask for clarification of anything you do not understand. If your pet requires hospitalization, you will have an opportunity to discuss the aftercare in more detail when your pet is discharged from the hospital. All go home instructions are printed out and given to you at discharge along with any medications that your pet may require.

Admitting Your Pet

Your pet should have no food for 12 hours prior to admission for anesthesia and surgery. Water can be given to your pet until admission. At admission, an animal health technologist will take down details of the best place to reach you during and after surgery, details of medication and when last given. Most ongoing medications can be given the day of surgery unless they are to be given with food or were recommended not to be given by your Veterinarian. If you have any doubts, please talk to our staff.

Some pets may be required to stay with us for a number of days. Throughout their time here, your beloved family member will receive round the clock care from our team of veterinarians, technicians and assistants. While we appreciate that you may wish to leave special personal items with your pet, we discourage this for hygienic and contamination reasons. Any items that are left may not be returned. Please leave at your own risk. We have an ample supply of bedding and love to keep your pet comfortable. If a special diet is required for your pet, please bring their food with you and ensure it is labeled appropriately.

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