Our Support Team

When your pet is with us at the CARE Centre, beyond the veterinarian, your pet is cared for by a vast and talented group of support team members, all of whom are integral to providing outstanding care for your loved ones.

Registered Veterinary Technologists (RVT)

An RVT can be most closely compared to the veterinary equivalent of a nurse in the human field.  RVTs cannot practice in Alberta without specific education recognized by the province, and every year are required to continue their education to remain medically current with respect to their skills, medicine, and procedures. 

The RVTs at the CARE Centre complete further training in their respective specialty. This includes monitoring patients staying with us in hospital, performing anesthesia, administering blood transfusions, collecting and processing diagnostics samples, being knowledgeable with and administering a variety of medical treatments, and much more.  Our RVTs are an integral part of caring for your pet while they’re in the hospital.

Technician Assistants (TA)

Technician Assistants work closely with the Veterinarians and RVTs to provide care for your pet.  Though not required, many have completed a specific education to train for this role.  Further, many of our TAs are aspiring to become Veterinarians or RVTs themselves and are eager to learn and have a true passion for animal care.

TAs are very directly involved in the care of your pet by helping the Veterinarians and RVTs during examination and procedures, assisting with diagnostic tests, feeding and walking our patients in the hospital, and providing affection while our patients are away from home.  Several TAs are trained for more specialized duties as well, such as cleaning and sterilizing surgical instruments and administrative duties within their service. 

Client Care Specialist (CCS)

Our front office team, known as the Client Care Specialist, is the friendly face that assists every client and call that comes through the CARE Centre. Whether it’s admitting appointments, taking messages or assisting in emergency arrivals, they are essential to the hospital. Like many of you, they are students, parents, pet owners, friends and neighbours and can understand the emotions of coming to our facility for the first time.

Our Client Care team are more than receptionists; many team members have gone through rigorous education and training. Their ability to assist a client with booking an appointment then seamlessly switch to helping a pet in distress is a testament to their dedication to every person and pet that enters our facility. We are proud of our strong paraprofessional team.

Client Care Coordinator (CCC)

This small and specialized group of individuals provide a service, unlike any other. Experts in insurance and financing, they process hundreds of claims and requests weekly. They are also the friendly faces that will explain at-home care during your pet’s discharge, along with medications and follow-up appointments needed.

Saying good-bye to your pet is one of the hardest events to experience. As pet parents, we understand this and so do our coordinators who receive continuous and extensive training in this regard. While they cannot remove the grief and pain from the loss of a loved one, their goal is to support you every step of the way while providing you with additional support contacts as needed. They are dedicated to you, your family, and your pet.

Our coordinators are happy to help and will often reach out via email if it is difficult to contact us. Do not hesitate to respond as it is monitored closely. They look forward to helping every step of the way!

Client Service Administrator (CSA)

What happens when your family veterinarian sends us your referral? Simple, our Client Service Administrator receives it! Their task is to organize the information received into our network and ensure the proper follow-up occurs.

A specialist or emergency veterinarian reviews all referrals. They assess the information and advise their teams to contact you for an appointment. Often times, you will get a call from our Client Service Administrator to schedule your pet’s consultation. You may also hear from them to confirm an appointment and provide you with more information as you get closer to the date. Do you prefer written instructions? Provide us with your email, and we can send written instructions for most appointments!

Our Client Service Administrators are a seasoned and established team connected to the entire referring community. They often know your family veterinarian or the clinic you were referred from, personally. Their goal is to ensure you get as much information when scheduling your appointment and throughout your referral experience.

Inventory Manager

There are hundreds of different medications, materials, instruments, and other equipment that are employed every day to care for our patients.  Our Inventory Manager is an organizational champion who ensures these are all stocked and functioning appropriately so that all of your pet’s needs can be met day or night, 365 days a year.


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