VCA Canada CARE Centre’s radiology department (also known as diagnostic imaging) employs our on-site board-certified clinical radiologist Dr. Garrett Oetelaar, our ABVP diplomat Dr. Danny Joffe and our radiology associate Dr. Penni Murphy. Our radiology department encompasses radiography, ultrasonography, computed tomography (CT), fluoroscopy, and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). Diagnostic imaging is an integral part of advanced veterinary medicine as it is crucial for obtaining a diagnosis, determining prognosis, and guiding treatment. In addition to providing radiology services for our onsite specialty and ER departments, we also provide an outpatient imaging service for the general practice community.

The outpatient imaging service is a unique service dedicated to providing our referring general practitioners with timely and expedient access to studies interpreted (and, in the case of ultrasound, acquired) by our on-site radiologist. Through our radiology associate, the radiology department is able to facilitate sedation or anesthesia as needed, image acquisition and interpretation by our on-site radiologist, and any sampling of tissues where necessary to further the diagnostic workup. Case management is maintained through the referring veterinarian in order to allow continuity of care. Internal referral to our other specialty services can be facilitated as required.

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