Veterinary dermatologists have expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of animals with disorders of the skin, ears, hair and nails. They also have significant training and experience in the treatment of allergic disorders. Veterinary dermatologists are extremely qualified in the diagnosis and treatment of infectious and non-infectious skin diseases, parasitic skin diseases, autoimmune diseases, allergy and allergy-induced skin diseases and the skin manifestations of systemic disease.  Veterinary dermatologists also have experience in the treatment and management of chronic ear disorders.

Veterinary dermatologists perform many specialized diagnostic procedures including microscopic examination of skin cytological smears, skin scrapings, and other samples. They perform allergy testing, skin biopsies, and collect samples for fungal, parasitic, and bacterial testing. Many skin conditions in pets appear very similar, and when properly used, these tests can help to make a specific diagnosis. Treatment methods used by dermatologists are highly variable but always strive to give comfort to the patient with the lowest likelihood of side-effects. Because many skin conditions tend to be chronic and frustrating to treat, veterinary dermatologists specialize in offering therapies that improve the long-term quality of life of their patients.

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