Making an Appointment:

  • As a specialty hospital, appointments are made by referral only, just like your own family doctor may send to you to see a specialist.

  • Your family veterinarian may recommend referral to us, based on their assessment of your pet’s condition.

  • You may also request referral, after discussing treatment options with your family veterinarian.

  • After we receive the referral, our surgical coordinator will contact you.


Before You Come:

  • Please complete our client and patient information forms and bring them with you.

  • For Dermatology referrals, please complete the Dermatology Client and Patient Information Form and bring it with you.

  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment for check-in.


Radiographs (X-rays):

  • Please be sure to bring these with you, or confirm that your family veterinarian has sent them to us, by courier or electronically.

  • Please also bring pertinent laboratory reports i.e blood tests, lab reports or ultrasound reports.


Your Appointment:

  • The doctor will collect a history, examine your pet, provide diagnostic and treatment options, and provide estimated fees.

  • Fasting – if your pet is having surgery the day of consultation, or sedation is required, please withhold food after 10 pm the night before. Water is fine until arrival. If your pet is diabetic or is less than 4 months old, please contact us for fasting instructions.

Please contact us if you are having any difficulty with the forms or the referral process.

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