Rehabilitation can assist with the management of orthopedic disorders, neurological disorders, weight loss, injuries, and to keep the canine athlete in top condition. 

Physical rehabilitation can improve mobility and provide benefits such as:

  • Reduced inflammation & pain
  • Increased mobility, strength & function
  • Enhanced recovery from surgery or injury
  • Improved fitness & weight loss
  • Improved performance & reduced risk of injury
  • Improved quality of life

Rehabilitation Evaluation

Your pet will be assessed thoroughly by a rehabilitation specialist. Each assessment includes a thorough nutritional, musculoskeletal, neurological, and myofascial evaluation. An individualized rehabilitation program will be developed for your pet. You will have the option to continue with an in-clinic rehabilitation program or be provided with a customized outpatient rehabilitation plan.

Why a Rehabilitation Veterinarian?

Rehabilitation veterinarians have extensive education in the areas of rehabilitation, orthopedics, neurological dysfunction, myofascial disorders, as well as pain management. This can assist in treating your pet by designing a therapeutic plan that has been customized for their individual needs. 

Dr. Edwards is excited to offer a broad array of rehabilitation services including: manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, medical acupuncture, electroacupuncture, photo-biomodulation, hydrotherapy, electrical muscle stimulation, neurorehabilitation, weight management counselling, assistive cart fittings, as well as veterinary orthotics and prosthetics.

Dr. Edwards uses an integrated approach and often combines rehabilitation therapy, low-level laser therapy, acupuncture, nutrition, and pharmaceuticals for the most effective treatment strategy for your pet’s individual medical and pain management needs. If you are concerned about your pet’s level of discomfort, physical well-being, recovery, or have any questions concerning the potential for rehabilitation therapy to assist with your pet’s health, please contact the clinic for further information. 

Our Rehabilitation Therapy Team

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